Growing Conditions

Devil’s Corner, on Tasmania’s East Coast, is one of the wildest and relentless environments on Earth. The name comes from intrepid sailors who, while navigating Tasmania’s Tamar River, discovered a treacherous bend and named it Devil’s Corner. Beyond the tumultuous reach, they found an amazing sanctuary where still waters rewarded their impressive navigational efforts. Today it is home to some of the most stunning vineyards in Tasmania. Devil’s Corner holds a special kind of adventurous spirit that doesn’t fight against the extreme elements. Instead, they’ve learned when to lean into them, and when to wait, in order to make the highest quality, approachable cool climate wines.

The East Coast of Tasmania exhibits classic cool climate with cold nights and warm, mild days. The nearby maritime influence provides valuable protection from extreme weather, reducing risk of destructive frosts in the growing period. Generally, the weather runs from the west leaving Devil’s Corner’s vineyard in a rain shadow for much of the year allowing for near perfect growing conditions.

The 2021 saw a cool season with very low yields of high quality Pinot Noir for table wine. The fruit was harvested at moderate potential alcohol yet with full flavour and ripeness.


Devil’s Corner’s Hazard Vineyard located on Tasmania’s East Coast is the primary source for the Pinot Noir. This is a wine all about creating a light, bright, soft, fruit-forward Pinot Noir so the grapes are picked quite early to retain their freshness. Very little cold soak and just whole berry ferments in static fermenters using an air maceration technique that allows gentle extraction of color and tannins without overpowering the wine. Vegan-friendly.

WINEMAKER: Joel Tilbrook & Tom Wallace

MATURATION: Stainless steel


A strongly perfumed aroma redolent of spicy black cherry, dark fruits and hints of raspberries.


The wine displays a juicy, sweet-fruit middle palate with soft, ripe tannins and fresh acidity. Made in a drink-now style with generous flavors.


A brightly colored Pinot Noir with youthful purple tones.