Growing on clay-limestone soil, the Sauvignon expresses the depth and smoothness of this terroir in a very fine wine. Ageing on the lees has given it a beautiful long lasting finish.

Growing Conditions

Roger et Didier Raimbault’s domaine is located in the Verdigny commune, right in the heart of the Sancerre wine region. The family has been growing vines for 400 years, and owns 17.5 hectares of vineyards comprised of 51 different parcels of vines set on sharp slopes of Verdigny and Sury en Vaux. These slopes range from 500 to 1,000 feet above sea level. This range in altitude provides various sun exposures and terroirs which in turn provides incredible complexity and diversity to the wines.

The grapes come from vines that range between 35 and 50 years old planted in clay limestone soils known as les terres blanche. This mono soil, accompanied by the age of the
vines, gives a heightened quality of elegance and minerality to the wine that can only be achieved through this combination.

Sancerre’s 2018 vintage is one of the most outstanding vintages in recent memory. The wines produced are full of texture and decadent richness due to the season’s exceptional warmth.

- 35-50-year-old vines planted in clay-limestone soils


Hand-harvested and sorted separately based on ripeness.


The difference in the character of this wine is due to the age of the vines, oldgrafted vines, which are planted on one soil type - terres blanches.

The wine is fruity and smooth with great intensity of flavour on the finish, marked by
its terroir. The wine is complex, with a full mouth-feel and a fresh, mineral finish.
After the grapes are gently pressed the juice is left to settle for between 24 to 48
hours. The wine is fermented in temperature-control, stainless steel vats at 14-
18°C. The juice is analysed before and after fermentation, in order to vinify the wine
in the best possible way.

This wine is matured on its fine lees, which are regularly stirred, for 12 to 18

This gives the wine a richness and finesse while limiting the amount of sulphites
used. Our Sancerre isn’t fined, bentonite is simply added in order to stabilise the
wine and stop “casse” occuring (a protein breakdown within the wine).
The wine goes through a cold stabilisation, is filtered and bottled.


Aged on lees for 12-18 months


Roger et Didier Raimbault’s 2018 ‘Vielles Vignes’ Sancerre is a fresh, alive wine with notes of tropical fruits.


Balanced out by crisp citrus yet maintaining its full and generous mouthfeel with a vein of minerality to provide a wonderful counterbalance.


Bright, yellow gold

Food Pairing

The wine’s mineral characteristics can be best appreciated with white meat, fish in sauce and goat’s cheese. Why not try this Sancerre with foie gras? You will love this subtle combination.