Growing Conditions

Named for the Renaissance castle built there by Habsburgs in 1620 and rising up from Lake Caldaro in alternating moderate and steep slopes, the Vigna „Castel Ringberg“ is a crown jewel of the region and a monopole for Elena Walch, from where many of her award-winning, mineral-driven wines emanate. The term „Vigna“ is an additional denomi- nation of origin, recognizing a precisely demarcated and cartographically recorded single vineyard. In addition to variable altitudes from 330 to 400 meters above sea level, Vigna “Castel Ringberg” also boasts a multiplicity of soils.
The higher perches, climbing into the “Mendel” ridge of the Dolomites, are of 30,000 year old glacial Adige River gravel, while calcareous soils with morainic substrata join loose limestone in gentler lower zones. The moderating influence of the lake and the strong afternoon drying southerly wind known as “Ora” also contribute to the balanced, elegant character of the wines, from a host of native and international varieties.

The 2019 vintage presents itself as a classic Alto Adige vintage, albeit a smaller harvest. Starting with a warm spring, there was a delayed increase to higher temperatures after a cooler April and May. Harvest began the second week of September, two whole weeks later than in 2018 and our historic Alto Adige starting time. This enabled the grapes to benefit from the praised "golden Alto Adige autumn" with warm days and cool nights. In particular, the vineyards at higher altitudes, where maturation is attained later, were able to benefit from the very best weather conditions in late autumn.


Entirely handpicked


Gentle pressing, followed by static clarification. A part ferments in stainless steel tanks under controlled temperature (20°C). 15% of the must ferments in French oak barriques (Allier) followed by partial malolactic fermentation. The blending occurs shortly before bottling in springtime the following year.


3-5 years


A complex variety of fruits, especially ripe pears and lime blossom, as well as spicy sage notes inform the bouquet.


Structure and elegance, power and harmony dominate the palate, combined with creamy fullness and density. A single vineyard Pinot Grigio with a lot of character!


A clear straw yellow characterizes the Pinot Grigio Vigna “Castel Ringberg”.