Growing Conditions

Quady Winery became Certified Sustainable through the California Sustainable Winegrowing Association in July 2022. We practice conservation and monitoring of water use through drip irrigation.


Black Muscat grapes are harvested at 25 brix.


Quady handled the Black Muscat in the same manner as Essensia: crushing, chilling and allowing the grapes to macerate. He added wine spirits to arrest the fermentation. On draining the tank the winery began to smell of roses! In his amazement he held a naming contest and selected Elysium, “state of eternal bliss” in Greek, as a name for this exciting muscat wine.

This wine requires a warm climate. In warmer years the color is darker and the aroma is more intense. The grapes are crushed, chilled and allowed to macerate. Wine spirits are added to arrest the brief fermentation.


The wine is aged for about 3 months in well aged 60 gallon (mostly French oak) barrels.


A litchi-rose aroma develops after the fruit attains full maturity.


Dark fruit – cherry, boysenberry – balanced with fruit acidity to finish clean.


A violet-crimson color.

Food Pairing

Elysium is wonderful with cheeses, especially goat cheese or Gorgonzola; with desserts containing red fruits, such as English Summer Pudding; with dark chocolate and with cream desserts and cheesecake. Elysium poured onto vanilla ice cream is an effortless favorite.