Growing Conditions

Rays Road, Raukawa, Hawkes Bay (65%) and Kumeu (35%)

The winter of 2020 was relatively mild and dry. Spring came early, but there were frosts
to contend with, one in particular causing damage to many of our Kumeu vineyards. Similarly at our Rays Road vineyard in Hawkes Bay there were frost events, but thankfully damage was minimal. Flowering took place well ahead of normal, and it was obvious that the season would be very early this year. The growing season rainfall was only sporadic, maintaining the dry conditions, and the temperatures were moderately warm. These relatively cool to warm, and dry conditions allowed for slow grape maturation, and the development of excellent fruit aromas and flavors. Harvest was completed by 9 March, about 3 weeks ahead of usual. In Kumeu the frost damage had lowered yields by 30-40%, but the overall quality was exceptional. In Hawkes Bay, our Rays Road vineyard also performed admirably, with the grapes ripening a few days later than our Kumeu vineyards. While the Chardonnay yields were about normal, the Pinot was down somewhat, and this allowed for some very good color and flavor development.

Our Rays Road vineyard performed admirably in Hawke's Bay, with the grapes ripening a few days later than our Kumeu vineyards. At nearly 200m altitude, the conditions are cooler than most of Hawke's Bay and favour early ripening varieties like Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. While the Chardonnay yields were about normal, the Pinot Noir was down somewhat, allowing for good colour and flavour development. It's undoubtedly the best year for Pinot Noir since we acquired the vineyard in 2018. Several newly-planted Chardonnay blocks in this limestone vineyard are starting to come into production. The wines are exciting and edgy, coming from low-yielding rootstocks and clones that have given some excellent aromas and minerality and a great insight into the future wines of this site.


100% hand harvested by March 9th


August 2021


100% de-stemmed then crushed
Indigenous yeast fermentation
2 weeks total cuvaison
Twice daily remontage
7 months maturation in tank


Lifted red fruit aromas.


On the palate the wine is cool, round and fruity and with a nice hint of chalky tannin that keeps the wine dry and refreshing.


Both Hawkes Bay and Kumeu vineyards experienced smaller harvests and this produced very concentrated and vibrant Pinot Noir. The blend this year is 65% Rays Road and 35% Kumeu. The wine displays a bright cherry red/burgundy color.