Growing Conditions

Brings together all of our terroirs: clays from the Senonian called “Cornuelles” and limestone from the Turonian called “Tuffeau”.

Made up of beautiful clay-limestone plateaus and hillsides, it is home to 20 hectares of Cabernet Franc and 6 of Chenin, unique grape varieties of the AOC Chinon. Our vines are surrounded by woods that protect them from frost and storms and are dotted with plots of cereals (triticale, peas, wheat, sunflower, etc.), all grown organically.


As the harvest approaches, we precisely control the aromatic development of the grapes on each plot. We select and harvest them by hand at the desired maturity for each of our cuvées. On the same plot, we can harvest several times in order to separate the veins of soil and the clusters with staggered maturities.


Gravity vatting. The age of wisdom has not yet arrived on these plots, we seek to preserve the fruit of the grape. The proximity of the cellar to all our vines reduces the crushing of the grapes during transport.

Dug into the tufa several centuries ago, this vat has been exclusively dedicated to the vinification of our Pierre de Tuf cuvée since 2003. We find the gestures of yesteryear of punching down by hand, devatting with a bucket as well as a regulation natural thermal thanks to the thick tufa walls.

By its design at the foot of the hill using the natural slope, our cellar takes care to limit injuries and therefore oxidation during vatting by gravity.

5 months minimum in stainless steel vats on fine protective lees.

We see the work in the cellar as an accompaniment to the grape in its metamorphosis. We believe that a healthy grape makes it possible to overcome the addition of superfluous products. Fermentation is done using indigenous yeasts.

The use of sulfur is minimal. These low doses preserve our cuvées from oxidation, thus allowing them to retain their identity.


Aging from 6 to 24 months is done in the freshness of our natural cellars, without topping. Aging should not be superimposed on the wine but reveal these different facets. Whether in vats, barrels or amphoras, it helps to reveal the particularities of our terroirs.


This Chinon opens with an intense nose of red fruits.


The round mouth has a beautiful silky structure. With bright fruit and supple tannins. This is a great example of modern Chinon made with a light touch.