Growing Conditions

Cru Selection wines are complex, produced with the best selected grapes from older vineyards, where the growth of the vine stopped years ago. The vine was cultivated so that its root system grew deeper, in a soil poor with organic components, it extracts only the mineral components that guarantee a constant high quality of the grape. The grapes are selectively hand picked when fully matured.

In the power of nature. In Brda, it created the ideal climatic conditions for growing vines. In the Primorska region, the sun generously warms and the warm wind caresses the curves of the Goriška Brda hills. Our vines are carefully selected and grown according to traditional methods.

- Vineyards: Medana - Jama, Jordano

- Vineyards age: 55 - 59 years

- Vineyards altitude: 200 - 250 metres above sea level

- Vineyards exposure: north - west

- Soil type: marl, slate and sandstone (opoka)


Hand-harvested, bunches carefully selected, beginning of October.


June 2022, without cleaning and filtration.


Fermentation in contact with skins of berries (maceration) for 8 days in 4,000 Litre conical oak barrels (tino); without selected yeasts. Softly pressed with pneumatic pressure.

Cru Selection wines are rich in colour, intense and elegante. All these non-filtered wines are extremely persistent and they expressing the characteristic mineral note. Only the best wines from the best vintages are botteled as Cru Selection wines. They are released on the market only after 2 to 4 years of maturation.


- Maturation: 18 months in 2,500 Litre conical oak barrels (tino) on yeasts

- Maturation in bottle: at least 4 months


A complex bouquet, with a fragrant hint of ripe citrus, dried fruit, cedar, buttered toast.


Its softness and warmth are pleasantly combined with the chewy structure of a red wine. Long-lasting aftertaste. Mineral and very drinkable wine.


Yellow, straw-coloured, with a shade of gold.

Food Pairing

Meat or soup as starters; main dishes with truffles; grilled fish; poultry; and cooked meats.