Growing Conditions

Formed in 1958 by just 25 producers, Adega de Monção has since grown to involve 1600 growers, and is now closed to new members. However, each grower only provides grapes from a tiny portion of land, meaning Monção only farm around 1200 hectares in total.

They are located in the heart of quality wine production in the vinho verde region – in Portugal’s northernmost quarters, bordering Spain’s Galicia region – in a small sub-region called Monção e Melgaço, in the province of Minho. The Minho region provides beautiful surroundings to the vineyards, with majestic mountains sloping down to the sea like an amphitheatre, and the plentiful rivers, fertile plains and moderate temperatures making the area ideal for vinho verde production.


The fourth bottling under our Exhibition label, from the Adega de Monção in northern Minho, Portugal, and in invigorating form.




Invitingly fresh in the new vintage, with delicate fragrance of stone fruit and yellow and white flowers.


A crisp, refreshing finish.